When you consider the benefits associated with using STAT Medical Office Services for your medical billing needs, you will easily see why choosing an outside billing service is an asset to your medical practice.

  • The constant battle of hiring and training billing staff........GONE

  • Money spent on salaries, employers' payroll taxes, group health insurance, worker's compensation insurance and retirement benefits.....GONE

  • Worries with covering the office for vacation and sick time.....GONE

  • The need to pay for additional office space.....GONE
  • Concerns about costly computers and software maintenance agreements for billing.....GONE

  • Time spent staying up to date on ever-changing CPT and ICD10 Codes.....GONE

  • The burden of keeping up with constantly changing government and insurance rules and regulations.....GONE

Lastly, STAT's expertise can be put to work for you easily and efficiently. STAT Medical Office Services are billing services done right. It's our specialty, let it work to your practice's advantage.

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